Liam Cadigan

CPO & Co-Founder

After Paradigm Hyperloop earned 2nd place in the 2nd annual hyperloop competition in 2017, Liam was in the background for a news interview "doing work". He was caught on a live mic saying

“This appears to be made of copper”

when examining a circuit board. This aired.

He is forever designated to be the Chief Copper Inspectar.

Blog Posts

inspectAR 2.4 Release

inspectAR 2.4.0 is out for public download and use. This newest release will give some nice usability improvements for bench top lab users while we lay the groundwork under the hood for an entire new tier available in the new year for larger enterprises (on-premise).

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inspectAR 2.3 Release

Version 2.3.0 brings a host of new collaboration features to the tool as well as some performance upgrades for users with older devices and bigger boards.

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Transforming Electronics Lab Work

Electronics lab work has changed a lot over the years, inspectAR is helping take things to the next level.

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2.0 Blog - Our Biggest Release Yet

An introduction to the newest features of our 2.0 release

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Trace Your Signals by Clicking on Them

How to learn about a design intuitively from its AR view

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2018 in review

From idea to reality

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Introducing InspectAR Beta

Ready to take your electronics lab into the next decade of technology? Inspectar can help.

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