Enterprise Level Security

Since our acquisition by Cadence, we have fully integrated our cloud infrastructures together. This iron-clad cloud deployment will satisfy the requirements of even the most stringent organizations with PCI, AES-256, HTTPS/SSL/TLS, and GDPR compliance, and more.

For Professionals

When cloud security isn't enough

That being said, we offer an on-premise deployment that ensures your designs don't leave your organizations network. Your data is stored on infrastructure of your IT departments choosing, and you do not need access to the external internet. We work with your IT to get this deployment up and running quickly, it is a simple and straightforward process.

Cadence was involved in the development of our on-premise feature, our process and methodology follows their 32 years experience delivering for this industry.

On-Premise Deployment

Solid Security

For organizations who cannot use the cloud and cannot immediately use on-premise, we have a local project creation option that will store your design information locally.

We call this 'On-device use', Pro users can also opt-in to this build  

Pro users can opt-in to local project creation, get started today on a trial!

This feature is not available on inspectAR personal (mobile free version)

Solutions to keep you secure

It is possible to use both cloud and local projects simultaneously. Regardless of whether you use the cloud or not, you can opt-in to local device encryption once you are on a Teams plan.

This has drawbacks, Read them here.

Both cloud and on-premise projects are otherwise encrypted at rest and in transit.
So regardless of your circumstance, prepare to put your mind at ease. There is a way for anyone to use inspectAR securely.

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Cutting-Edge Compute Resource

inspectAR is hosted on Google Cloud Platform using North American resources. More than 50% of the world's leading companies use Google Cloud either directly or implicitly from another software service. inspectAR is a cloud-native, collaboration-first tool that avoids using expensive augmented reality glasses in favor of simpler, more popular devices which can emulate the behavior of a microscope – something AR glasses will never do perfectly. Given the substantial compute resources which are required to deploy inspectAR at scale to hundreds of users we offer an off-the-shelf cloud solution that satisfies the security requirements of even the most stringent organizations. Fully backed by Cadence Design Systems you can rest assured that the same high-caliber talent and security culture used to deliver cloud solutions to cutting-edge customers including semiconductor foundries such as TSMC is brought to the table.

Secure Communication

We have clients running within browsers, mobile applications, and desktop software. Connecting digital designs to physical boards means there must be a robust, hard-working cloud sitting on top of all our services. All communications occur using secure HTTPS connections from a trusted source. We leverage Google Cloud’s encryption by default to give you world-class encryption like many already experience today through their production service (e.g., popular e-mail service, browser that rhymes with ‘dome’, cloud-based office tools, etc). Your data on the cloud is encrypted at rest, in transit, and within storage. In addition to this your data is stored redundantly across multiple instances.

Native, Enterprise-Grade WAF and DDoS

inspectAR is protected from the internet as you know it by Google Cloud Armour, a leading-edge cloud web-application firewall (WAF) and DDoS mitigation service. Cloud Armour gives all inspectAR cloud customer native, enterprise-grade WAF and DDoS mitigation right at the application load balancer, which is the secure HTTPS entry point to our service


We use an identity management service to securely generate usernames and passwords, create time limited sessions, and lock out accounts in the event of repeated failed logins.

Security Implications Review

The inspectAR development team is constantly made aware of new and developing security threats by Cadence Design System’s Information Technology Security team. As new features are implemented, a security-first approach is taken to ensure that we keep your data safe and secure

Third Party Testing

Third party penetration testing is conducted with accredited Cadence partners to ensure that we protect against the rapidly evolving threats of the digital world. All feedback from penetration tests is taken into consideration and updates are made as required.