2.8 Feature - Focus Slider

Calibrating your design is the first step to getting augmented reality overlays to assist in the assembly and debugging of your PCB. The focus slider feature in the calibration scene ensures precise calibration.

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June 16, 2022

Achieving proper focus is key for any project involving a camera, especially when using inspectAR to validate your PCB designs. Boards are getting smaller, denser and more complex every day, therefore the developers at inspectAR have created a feature to ensure that your hardware work with you, not against you.

Focus Slider has been a key component to the AR scene. Focus algorithms vary across web-camera models, and thus user experience can vary greatly depending on the web camera used.

Calibration is a critical step for any PCB when using inspectAR. With the success of the focus slider in the AR scene. We thought we would expand that feature into the Calibration Scene.

While in the calibration scene, simply select manual focus and the focus slider will appear. Users can adjust the focus in increments by selecting the arrows at the ends of the slider or may manipulate the slide itself to achieve perfect focus. 

Getting your project into perfect focus is key to having precise augmented reality overlays.

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