The Future of
PCB Manufacturing

What if you could remove months from the testing process?
With inspectAR, the full spectrum of real-time PCB visualization if available, anytime, anywhere. Just with your mouse click. Beginners, visionaries. The future is wide open.
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inspectAR's augmented reality overlays ensures accurate testing and debugging workflows.

Data Visualization

Documentation, component pinouts, analysis data are visually available with a simple click of the mouse.

PCB Testing

Comments and Save States give workers an efficient method of updating testing regimes and communication between teams.


Simulating PCB in Real-Time

Simple setup

The inspectAR tool uses off-the-shelf devices with a hybrid of in-house and custom AR technology. Repeat a two-step calibration process for the front and back side of the board to get a project up and working in minutes. No fiducials are required, and any color combination of silkscreen, solder mask, and work surface background will work.

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Teams Collaboration

Comments can be attached to any net or component in order to streamline discussions and solve issues faster. Comments can be tagged and coded according to priority or function. Save states allows you to group together various nets and components to create an entire subsystem. You can share this directly to a team member in order to give them confidence of the area of the board they need to work on, eliminating confusion caused from looking at the wrong area of the board.

Component Search

Finding a data sheet to look up component pin mapping before probing is a difficult, problematic task when you must guess which orientation that part was placed on the board by the designer. Finding a particular temperature curve or the expected packets within the datasheet for a given signal can be similarly difficult. The inspectAR tool’s built-in part search leverages Cadence’s Unified Component search to bring datasheets and parametric part information right into the lab. PDFs can be viewed natively from within the inspectAR tool right alongside your overlays and board.


Real-Time in Less Time

The Cadence® inspectAR™ Augmented Reality Electronics Platform is an augmented reality(AR) tool highly specialized for electronics lab bench work. By using the inspectAR tool to separate a circuit board layout into an AR object consisting of nets and components, anyone who works on a circuit board physically with their hands can gain instant connection back to the wealth of knowledge and expertise that was available to the PCB designer.
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Looking Sharp

Engineering teams work best when they have access to the best tools. inspectAR's AR overlays ensure mistakes from miscommunication are a thing of the past.

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  • You are automatically subscribed for one year after your trial ends.