PCB Design

Advanced Assembly

Accelerate your hand PCB assembly by using AR overlays to guide component placement.

Next Gen Debugging

Significantly reduce the time-sink caused by common errors and contact switching.

Tele Engineering

Collaborate easily on designs with tools that eliminate common communication mishaps.


inspectAR's tools translate the physical PCB to digital artwork that can then be transformed into a live piece of documentation that offers the wealth of the board designer to anyone who physically interacts with the PCB.

Powerful search features

Our Augmented Reality overlays will activate when any component, net, or layer is selected, immediately identifying exactly where the component is on the physical PCB.

Instead of referencing the schematics of your design multiple times, inspectARs search feature can find nets and components anywhere on the board. Users can search using reference designators, MPNs, or component values. (Resistance, voltages, etc.)


Take advantage of inspectAR's collaboration features to get your entire team aligned on a project. With teams of engineers working in parallel on a project, clear communication is paramount for enabling faster time to market.

Advanced Debugging

By visually displaying all information relevant to a project. inspectAR's AR overlays ensure accurate placement of test devices and connections.


Easy-to-Use AR Technology

The inspectAR tool uses off-the-shelf devices with a hybrid of in-house and custom AR technology. Repeat a two-step calibration process for the front and back side of the board to get a project up and working in minutes. No fiducials are required, and any color combination of silkscreen, solder mask, and work surface background will work.

Any PCB Shape Will Work

From simple rectangles to circular boards, irregular shapes with internal cutouts, and custom profiles made to fit form-factor cases, the inspectAR tool will still work. The custom calibration matches the profile of your board exactly, accounting for overhanging, side-mounted components, and any internal cutouts or slots your design may have.

Simple Calibration Process

The inspectAR tool uses this board outline to calculate the approximate location of your AR overlays and compute the location the board in real-time once you enter the AR window. You can make small adjustments to your overlays after calibration.

AR Probing

You can directly interact with a board in the real world by clicking or tapping on components from within the inspectAR tool. Hover over a component and it will give you its reference designator. Click a component and you can view the design-specific pinout natively from the inspectAR tool. If you flip the board over, all the overlays that you are looking at will be reversed and mirrored to match the design.

Topology-Based Menu

Every overlay in the inspectAR tool understands its topology in relation to others. For example, a component knows which net each pin is connected to and a net knows which components are connected to. Therefore, you can use engineering intuition rather than specific knowledge of a design to navigate around the board. Once you activate a component, you’ll then see which net each pin is connected to. You can keep following the flow of power or move on to different functional and logical nets to explore communications, sensor behavior, etc.

Documentation Tool

Engineers spend countless hours preparing in-lab documentation using tools such as Microsoft Paint or PowerPoint. Step one is painstakingly lining up shapes and symbols to match the image you have taken. The inspectAR tool does this automatically and, from its screenshot markup tool, you can add your own custom drawings and instructions to the image. Instructions can then be attached to any net or component and viewed natively alongside the components in the AR scene.
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