What is a project?

The most common question asked by inspectAR users, a project is a unique PCB design.

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January 20, 2021

What is a Project?

inspectAR interface
app.inspectAR.com interface

Projects are simply each unique PCB design artwork you upload to the inspectAR application. Each new Project requires either an IPC2581b output from EDA's such as Cadence, Altium, and Zuken, or a board file from Eagle or KiCAD.

Changing a component in a revision, (for example: The value of a resistor), will not require a new project, however, moving components or otherwise changing the artwork/gerber will require a new project.

inspectAR accepts IPC2581b files or native board files
EDA select interface
inspectAR accepts Bill of Materials files
BOM upload interface

By selecting the option to add a new project, you will have the opportunity to select the EDA you're using and will be prompted to upload a relevant file as well as the option to upload a BOM.

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