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What do people like about inspectAR? What do they think could be improved?

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October 5, 2022

We have exceeded 3,000 users, so we decided it was time to send out another survey to get more product feedback! What do people genuinely like about inspectAR? What changes/improvements can we make that will have the most positive impact on our users and customers? 

These are two very important questions that we needed to answer in order to continue to grow, and here are the results.

Let’s start with the positive feedback:

“The app is great and it is very intuitive and easy to use. The tracking is really great on Android, I have tried many AR apps and this is the best tracking by far also because it needs to be precise.” - Marin, hobbyist, Student

“InspectAR has the potential for huge impact on the PCB design and rework industry. ” - Raphael, Software Engineer, Amazon 

“I love to use this in the classroom with all my students!” - Brandon, Technology Teacher, NVRHS Demarest

“Wow this app is just amazing! There’s so much potential for optimizing workflow when it comes to circuit board analysis and debugging through inspectAR. It’s a great approach to a complicated and time consuming issue.” - Daniel, Electrical Engineer, VPT Inc.

I have been dreaming of this application ( everything is perfect! )” - Jonathan, Chipset level technician, iClinique (Belgium)

Very cool! Could see this being very useful for lab work with a PCB. No need to juggle schematics, board files, BOM, etc. on your laptop, just need your phone. I think it is both practical and a surprisingly good use of AR.” - Jackson, Graduate Research Assistant, North Carolina State University

When I first saw its demo on Instagram, I was amazed. Then I downloaded it on my phone and tried it on one of my PCBs. It is really cool & awesome! It is a very good tool to debug the complex PCB even in multi layers. You can easily find out the required signal path & test out your PCB. Option of Datasheet just eases your work.” - Pratik, Embedded Developer, Oranje Kracht Engineering

Thank you to everyone for your many words of encouragement!

Now let’s review some of the more constructive feedback:

“Cannot upload as many files I want with the free version.” 

This is one that we’ve heard a few times. We actually allow all users, including those in our Free tier, to create as many KiCAD and Eagle projects as they would like. Boards designed in Altium, Cadence, and others require a Pro license, and are $99 each. With that being said, we have extended our Pro trial from 1 week, to 2 weeks! This way, you can get a feel for what our software is all about, without having to pay a dime. If you want to learn more, just reach out to us at support@inspectar.com

“Issues with mobile app viewing is that the screen is a little small and can mean the interface looks cluttered.” 

Something we’ve learned from all of this feedback is that we can certainly clean up the UI of our app. We have built an enterprise-grade software with a lot of complexity and value, but complexity doesn’t necessarily need to coincide with a more confusing UI. You all can expect continual improvements to the UI on all fronts this year!

“The cloud based data Management concept.”

User data is completely secure on the cloud and users own their data. If this is still not sufficient for some of our most security-sensitive customers, we offer a local (on-device) deployment where all files stay local to the device (no cloud). We can also perform custom cloud integrations for our Enterprise customers (like AWS GovCloud).

The purpose of our cloud is not to aggregate data, but to enable consensual sharing between team members and devices. If users don’t use our cloud, they will miss out on this functionality and have to share these files through some other means. If a user has special requirements that still make the cloud unsuitable, then a local version of inspectAR is available for Enterprise accounts!

“I had issues figuring out what the different icons in the mobile app meant, and it took me a bit of poking around to figure out how to highlight nets and components.” 

This is a piece of feedback that we took very seriously. The result? Our very comprehensive list of tutorials which you can find here! These are constantly updated, and we are working on making these even more evident/available in the app. We are even close to releasing our in-app walkthrough of the entire inspectAR UI.

Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey! 

We wanted to share both the good and the constructive in order to keep things transparent between our team, and you all. We’re trying to do more of this, which is why whenever you reach out to us, you will always get a real person helping you out with whatever you need.  

If you have not yet filled out our survey and would like to, you can click here!

Thank you for using inspectAR and as always, feel free to reach out to us at support@inspectar.com with any questions or feedback! 

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