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Multi-Display support is currently in Beta. Read this to get you started.

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January 20, 2021

How to Activate our Multi-Display Feature

InspectAR 2.9 comes with a major new feature that lets you run the desktop application across multiple displays simultaneously.  

1. To activate this feature, first navigate to our settings menu from the dashboard.

2. Once you are there, you’ll see the option to activate multi-display mode.

3. Accept the dialog to activate the feature. Note that activating multi-display mode will cause the inspectAR application to enter full screen mode across multiple displays on your system. This will mean you cannot access other applications using your operating system’s toolbar like normal, you’ll need to hit the escape key first. Also, when exiting multi-display mode the application will restart.

4. Once you’re in multi-display mode, you’ll see a list of displays which are available for you to activate. In this case only one display is available.

5. Launching the display will display a blank screen, once you launch a project this is where you can place any menus.

6. You’ll also notice that you can change the scaling of either menu independently. If you find things are too small on one display, this will fix that and allow you to increase the size of the UI.

7. When you are viewing a project in AR, you can change the display used for any floating menu by right-clicking it and selecting the display you wish to send it to.

8. Displaying menus on either screen allows to completely declutter your PCB video feed, for a much cleaner experience in AR.

9. If you no longer need multiple displays, you can revert to single monitor mode from the same settings location as before. Note the application will restart when you do this.

10. If you have any questions of suggestions, please use our multi-display feedback form to send them in to

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