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Getting Started
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January 20, 2021



  • How do I make an account? Click here to set up your own account.
  • How do I download the inspectAR application? Click here for information on downloading the inspectAR app. 
  • How can I grant seats to my teammates? If you have a Teams account, you can log into your web app, Select Teams, and then enter in the email of the user you would like to add. You can add several emails if you’d like, just make sure they are all separated by commas. Then, click Generate Account. A verification will pop up and ask you to confirm that the information is correct, and if it is, simply click Proceed. A small announcement will pop up that says, “Success! Seat Delegation Successful!” On that same page where you added the emails, you will then be able to see the list of Team Members that have been successfully added. 

Project creation

  • How can I use inspectAR with my own PCB’s? For more information on how you can use inspectAR with your own PCBs, click here
  • Which EDA’s do inspectAR support? We support Altium, Upverter, Eagle, KiCAD, Circuit Maker, Mentor, Cadence, Allegro, and Zuken. As of right now we do not work with Diptrace or Design Spark, but we might in the future! 
  • What are some common best-practices for project creation? - For more information on how to create a project, click here
  • What is a Sponsored Project? - Sponsored Projects are board designs that are pre-loaded in the application and made available to all inspectAR users. These projects are generally created and added to our public library by large companies, open-source designers, parts distributors, and more. If you have a project that you would like to have added to our public library, please email us at


  • How does inspectAR treat customer data and security? We treat your data and security with the utmost regard. All information is encrypted in-transit and on-device. Additionally, we accept manufacturing files like IPC2581b so you don’t even have to send over your native design files.  For more information on this, you can check out our Privacy Policy here, and our Data Protection Policy here.  
  • Where are my files stored? Files are currently stored on the cloud. 
  • Does inspectAR have any local file hosting options? Yes! We do on-device. 

Getting help

  • Who do I contact for help with the inspectAR application? If you ever need help with your inspectAR application, please feel free to reach out to us at so that our Customer Experience team can assist you!
  • Who do I contact for sales, partnerships, or anything else? If you’d like to reach out about sales or partnerships with us, please contact


  • How do I get more involved with the inspectAR platform? To get more involved with the inspectAR platform via social media, click here! Also, you can email in order to contribute a Sponsored Project! 

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