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October 5, 2022


This feature helps people save time and avoid mistakes while using inspectAR to probe, sniff, solder, or otherwise make physical contact with the board. Normally colors in inspectAR are assigned based on layer position (like you would expect from any ECAD tool). The problem is there are lots of situations in the electronics lab where layer position is not a meaningful way to assign colors. In the lab the layer of interest is necessarily an outer layer (top or bottom copper) and the users main objective is not to confuse this net with another nearby net. To that end, people's lives would be a lot easier if inspectAR didn’t make all these nets on outer layers the same color!!

This is exactly what color-by-net achieves, the images below shows a before and after of it in action on some I2C lines featured on the Beagle Bone Black.

inspectAR without Color-by-Net
It would be much easier for any technician to measure those I2C lines when they have a distinct color vs. a matching color which is assigned based on the fact that they are on the same layer.
Color-by-net also makes a huge improvement to the way documentation is captured, especially with our screenshot markup tool. Check out the markup I made below, here there is absolutely no ambiguity from the both the technician and engineer as to what was measured.

Comment Replies

You can now reply to a comment within a thread. This helps to keep the comment discussion on track and in one place.

Example of a thread in the comments section of inspectAR software

Explore Connected Components More Easily

2.4.0 Also brings an easy way to explore connected components, these will now be highlighted by a transparent rectangle, so you can quickly view which nets are connected to a component.

Easy display of connected components

Local Device Encryption

You can now encrypt all local files on your device with a device-specific password. Local files were always encrypted in inspectAR before this, now you opt-in to this feature and allow different devices to have different passwords for added security.

Here at inspectAR we actually don’t recommend ever enabling this feature for two reasons:

1.      Our cloud is ultra-secure and fully backed by Cadence Design Systems Inc., the largest company in the electronics design software industry. Extra encryption on your local device is over kill.

2.      If you forget your local encryption password, then all local files and data which you have will be erased. This is the downside of real encryption.

Instead of local device encryption we recommend enabling disk-level encryption on your device. This means nobody can access files on your device unless they have the password for that device. The files will still be encrypted, you just have one less password to keep track of. If you are a professional inspectAR user then don’t worry, disk-level encryption is an industry standard followed by most corporations. For individual users there are out-of-the-box commercial solutions that can handle disk encryption for you.

If any of this is impossible or unsuitable for you then don’t worry, you can always enable local device encryption, but don’t forget if you lose your local encryption password then all local files and data will be erased.

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