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Engineering COOP Student

St. John's
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inspectAR is hiring a motivated, self-starting CO-OP student to help fundamentally change the way electronics are worked on. The role is is flexible and can be modified to fit the individual. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and most importantly are offering a massive opportunity to both directly add value and grow with the company.

Some example responsibilities may include:

  • We’ve partnered with some big names to offer their customers an improved evaluation board experience. Learn and utilize major EDAs (Altium, Cadence, Eagle) develop intelligent overlay sets/documentation to be distributed with DIY kits and evaluation boards to thousands of people.
  • How would you use an oscilloscope if no one ever taught you or created learning resources? Create educational content (videos, blogs, etc) teaching electrical engineers how get on board with the new age of hardware development will be key to our vision.
  • Unity C# development is at the core of our product. If interested, capable and motivated duties could include contributing directly to this codebase.
  • C# plugins are part of our secret sauce. For the true object orientated, there is opportunity to improve and create new plugins.
  • Golang is super cool, super versatile, and super powerful. Also, our backend and webapp infrastructure is built on a Go stack. We don’t expect many to be extremely familiar with this language, but we do expect you’ll come to love it if you work on this codebase - we know we did.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply with their resume and a note about what they’re most interested and capable of doing - be it Computer Engineering leaning software development or Electrical Engineering leaning “AR Technical Writing” education.

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