A passionate team of engineers

inspectAR was founded by technical first founders to eliminate the inefficiencies and inconveniences experienced when working on electronics.

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Escape Quest with the team
inspectAR's Mihir Shah seeing Newfoundland
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A small but mighty crew

We run a lean, efficient ship

Nick Warren

COO & Founder

“When you realize that you can actually make things and change the world is really interesting, the fact that every line of code has potential to be used by hundreds of thousands of people in ways that are novel and you can take direct ownership of it is amazing.” - Nick handles the day-to-day operation of the company, he is a Nova Scotian native who worked closely with the other founders of inspectAR and realized that entrepreneurship was one of his passions.

Liam Cadigan

CPO & Founder

After Paradigm Hyperloop earned 2nd place in the 2nd annual hyperloop competition in 2017, Liam was in the background for a news interview "doing work". He was caught on a live mic saying “This appears to be made of copper” when examining a circuit board. This aired. ‍He is forever designated to be the Chief Copper Inspectar.‍

Darryl Day

CTO & Founder

“Building this unique piece of software and seeing it being used by other people and that it makes a difference is incredibly rewarding. I want to be known for something; I want to make an impact on this world.” - Darryl has built most of the application’s Augmented Reality Unity code and continues to implement new features of the inspectAR tool. Darryl has worked with Bell Aliant, Nalcor, Avalon Holographics, and most recently, Neuralink where he designed PCBs and discovered an opportunity to better the design process with inspectAR.

Matthew Noseworthy

CIO & Founder

“I do whatever I can to achieve the most happiness. If I can do a lot of really hard work right now, one day I will have the financial ability to travel across the world, work on my own personal projects, and invest in other companies, I think having the ability to give other companies the opportunity we have been given would be amazing.” - Matthew Noseworthy is the C.I.O of the inspectAR company, handling all networking and security of the company. His interest in computer programming began when he started playing games such as Diablo II where he taught himself how to create botting programs. Matt’s formal experience comes from working at Wind River, which was involved with the Mars Rover program. There, he began as a technical writer and quickly rose to a position of a programmer on the securities team.

Mihir Shah


Mihir co-founded and was the CEO of inspectAR before the Cadence acquisition, the CEO of PCB Layout, and was the director of special projects at Royal Circuit Solutions. A surfing enthusiast and an all-around amazing leader, Mihir has years of experience leading companies to success.

Colin Rogers

Software Developer

“I enjoy being able to get really close with the hardware and developing software at a very low level. Actually being able to define and design the software’s architecture and having a role in that decision-making process is much more engaging and motivating for me.” - Colin Rogers interest in programming began at ten years old with front-end web development, and later he taught himself how to design his own game engine. Colin believes that the inspectAR application is not only useful for electronics development and PCB fabrication but in the future, the technology could be used in every engineer’s lab, across many disciplines.

Daniel Praymayer

Unity Developer

"Success lies in paradox." - Daniel is always looking for ways to make his job and department more efficient. Daniel tries to determine how his coworkers communicate and how they expect information to better pass on relevant information.

Ryan Patrick Walsh

Marketing Intern

"Success is not a goal, it is a state of mind." - Ryan is an engineering student that is currently being seduced by the magic of marketing.

Find us in the heart of Silicon Harbor

We have a permanent office in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Or in Silicon Valley

Our corporate headquarters is in San Jose, California