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Augmented Reality Toolkit for PCBs

inspectAR is tested by NASA
Iban Ibanez Domenech
Systems Engineer
“inspectAR has shown a great potential for my PCB designs at NASA, I needed such a tool for a long time!”

Faster, with fewer mistakes

Use AR Technology to accelerate electronics development

Engineers are saving vast amounts of time by integrating inspectAR into their PCB manufacturing and testing workflows.

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Debug PCB faster
Oscilloscope Multimeter Support

create, Communicate, Collaborate

Boost the Productivity of your Team with Instant Communication

inspectAR takes the risk of miscommunication out of the equation.

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eda agnostic

Hobbyists to Corporate Teams get Ahead of the Curve.

All common EDA's work with inspectAR. And we have all the information you need to get one up on the competition.

Supports EDAs such as Cadence, Altium, Zuken, KiCad and Eagle
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What do I need?

Pick your platform

inspectAR is designed to work with all common platforms, choose your weapon and eliminate time wasted.

Windows Requirements:

- Windown 10 or later
- Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributed
- External 1080p Camera


- External 4K Camera

macOS Requirements:

- macOS 10.14 or later
- 720p external camera


- 4K external camera

Android Requirements:

- Android 7.0 or later
- Rear-facing 8MP camera

iOS Requirements:

- iOS 13.0 or later
- Rear-facing 8MP camera
inspectAR is available for Windows
inspectAR is available on MacOS
inspectAR is available on an android smartphone
inspectAR is available for iOS smart devices
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Made for Engineers, Technicians, QA teams and much more.

inspectAR is tested by NASA

“So cool! Now I can show people what is going on inside my PCB with the board itself and my phone. I no longer need to have my laptop out while showing off a board. Everything is there in the app. I can also see this greatly helping with the maintainability of projects”

Michael Ceraso
Ceraso Industries

“inspectAR is great for teaching! I have used it when showing non-programmers and non-hardware people how simple dev boards work. It’s great to see them light up with delight when they can see the traces and put the pieces together in their mind.”

David Ray
Cyber City Circuits

“InspectAR increases my assembly and debugging efficiency by removing the back and forth between the workbench and ECAD tool on the PC.”

Alex Klimaj
ARK Electronics

“One of my power regulators died, was shorted, but saved time and sanity thanks to inspectAR!”

Brian Weinstein
Co-Founder, Luxonis
Hardware and Product Development

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