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Enable hardware work like never before.

Overlaying every aspect of a design directly onto the circuit board with augmented reality, inspectAR enables interactions with circuits intuitively. Inspect, debug, rework, and assemble PCBs in less time, without mistakes or frustration.

Your boards, your devices

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Explore your boards

Filter by component type, search by reference designator, or tap the board itself. inspectAR’s dynamic overlays and integrated environment allow you to get work done faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Access smart documentation

inspectAR enables board designers to create and distribute AR powered support docs and guides. Users of all levels benefit from the approachable, detailed, new way to engaging with support materials.

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Information in your viewport

Eliminate the need to constantly switch between printed schematics, EDA tool, loose components, and your board. inspectAR brings all of your information in one place for you to instantly check values, datasheets, connected nets, and component locations.

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers and inspectAR community are finding incredible value in using inspectAR in their own organizations. Ready to join the revolution in electronics?
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“inspectAR has shown a great potential for my PCB designs at NASA, I needed such a tool for a long time!”
Iban Ibanez Domenech
Systems Engineer
“So cool! Now I can show people what is going on inside my PCB with the board itself and my phone. I no longer need to have my laptop out while showing off aboard. Everything is there in the app. I can also see this greatly helping with the maintainability of projects”
Michael Ceraso
Technical Consultant
“One of my power regulators died was shorted, but saved time and sanity thanks to @inspectARTeam!”
Brian Weinstein (Tweet)
Co-Founder, Hardware and Product Development
“InspectAR increases my assembly and debugging efficiency by removing the back and forth between the workbench and ECAD tool on the PC.”
Alex Klimaj
Hardware Engineer
“InspectAR’s intuitive interface helps us to transition from Design to Test quickly and efficiently. Rather than spending extra time clarifying documentation, everything we need is a single click away. InspectAR improves our flexible hybrid electronics design and manufacturing process, and streamlines our cross-team handoffs.
Sean Nachnani
Hardware System Engineer
“inspectAR is great for teaching! I have used it when showing non-programmers and non-hardware people how simple dev boards work. It’s great to see them light up with delight when they can see the traces and put the pieces together in their mind.”
David Ray
Electrical Engineer
“inspectAR has saved me a lot of time in the lab, instead of constantly flipping the board looking for a reference the app will point it out for you making populating a board quick and easy.”
David Drover
Electrical Engineer
“Ok, this is just plain magic… uploading a BOM file and seeing the expanded info in the info pane and jumping straight into a datasheet, all within seconds.”
Denis F
Hardware Engineer
“This tool is as useful to understanding a board as an oscilloscope is to understanding signals.”
Mark Hughes
Hardware Engineer
“inspectAR offers engineers a revolutionary new method of interacting with PCBs.”
Robin Mitchell
Electrical Engineer

Be more productive

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inspectAR saves engineering teams upwards of 20% of their time in the lab. Engineers, technicians, and even FAE’s use inspectAR to save time, build better product, and ensure success for whoever is going to be using a particular PCB. Across teams, regions, and phases of the test, development, and prototyping stages -- inspectAR is built to add incredible value.

Create the new normal

Give employees an at-home lab that is truly collaborative. Screen sharing inspectAR gives engineers everything they need to collaborate with each other on an issue. There is no longer any ambiguity on which pin someone is probing, or which LED is flashing. inspectAR allows engineers to watch all of these events occur in real time with design-specific, contextual overlays.

Modern day lab bench

Outpace the other guys

inspectAR users see an average 30% reduction in lab-time. 50% if the board is being hand-soldered.

These time savings come from a removal of ‘context switches’, when engineers have to search for a parts data sheet online, or look up where to find a test point in their CAD tool.

With all of their information in a single place (with more lab inputs being added constantly), engineers save a lot of time and frustration by using inspectAR.With inspectAR, component data sheets are just a click away, and any pad on a board can become an easily-accessible test point.

inspectAR app with integrated circuit

Populate boards faster

Low-volume, quick-turn assembly is becoming incredibly popular, but hand-assembly of certain components or an entire PCB is still incredibly common.

If engineers mill their own boards, and hence have no silkscreen, inspectAR is a no-brainer to use. The overlays provide a virtual silkscreen on the board being worked on.

inspectAR for assembly

Clear calendars

Most companies have a subject matter expert, but they can't be everywhere at once. Help maximize their expertise by putting the board in question directly in their view with context-specific overlays.

Pull them into the lab over a video call with inspectAR.

Smart work orders with traceability

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