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Workbench of the future

Our Augmented Reality lab tool enables electronics work like never before. Inspect, debug, rework, and bringup PCBs quicker with less mistakes and frustration.
Explore your boards

Filter the explorer, search by reference designator, or tap the board itself. The dynamic overlays and instant information will help you get the hard work done right.

Protect your design files

We don't need your valuable design files. Using our webapp, upload your Gerbers or IPC files along with an optional BOM to use inspectar within seconds.

Information in your viewport

Eliminate the context switch of referencing your laptop or printed schematics. Values, datasheets, connected nets and components are instantly available.

Enabling more productive work

Learn how Inspectar can add significant value to your labs through a knowledge-viewport.
Boost every team member's capabilities and streamline information communication.

Outpace the other guys

Get your innovative new hardware into the hands of your users faster and cheaper. The product development lifecycle is complex, multi staged, and iterative. Simulated designs need to be verified in the physical domain and things go wrong for a million reasons. When an issue is discovered - pictures, measurements, and information are required to communicate it correctly. Inspectar can help every step of the way in the hardware prototyping process.

Populate boards faster

Low-volume pcb assembly is becoming popular, but in house hand assembly is alive and well. Save hours of time by using Inpsectar.

Clear calendars

Senior engineers know what they are doing and how to do it well. Spend more time working and less time giving direction to technicians with Inspectar. Instructions like probe every +5V pin start to make a lot more sense.

Signal Mapping

Give your firmware engineers a board designer standing over their shoulder. Inspectar can make using test equipment such as a logic analyzer a breeze. Instead of asking a board designer where to probe we show them directly. They know the signal, we know the board.

Deployment options for a variety of users

Our core technology is platform independent which allows us to offer support for a variety of devices. From a casual smartphone user to a high volume assembly house, we can deploy inspectar in a way that makes sense for you.
Mobile Devices

Use InspectAR with your preexisting iOS and Android devices. Due to the nature of the application, we recommend large displays and good cameras.

External Cameras

For an even better experience, you can attach an external to your mobile device or PC to achieve an ergonomic and productive setup.

Dedicated tool

Customers with the highest demands will be delighted to utilize our dedicated tool that offers the best out-of-box viewport experience we can offer at this time.

Backed by an awesome community

We've working with academic experts, world class accelerators, and industry experts alike to allow us to offer you the very best .

Get started immediately

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